NutritionReviewExam1 - Healthy people o Age 2 and older o...

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Lesson #1 Nutrition Review Nutrition: Ingestion Digestion Absorption Transportation Elimination .................... of nutrients The Nutrients Macronutrients—energy producing: Carbohydrates o ___cals/gram Protein o ___cals/gram Fats o ____ cals/gram Micronutrients—non energy producing: Vitamins Minerals Water Food Groups Food Guide Pyramid o Grains/Bread o Vegetables o Fruits o Meat o Dairy o Other Exchange List o Bread o Vegetable o Fruit o Meat o Milk o Fat Building Block of Good Nutrition o Adequacy o Balance o Calorie Control o Density o Variety o Moderation Malnutrition Undernutriton- Overnutrition- Food Label o Used for comparison of like food items o Lists ingredients from most to least o Regulated o Approved Health Claims ONLY
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o % too high for most Americans DRI o Developed by committees of scientist o
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Unformatted text preview: Healthy people o Age 2 and older o Always changing Nutrition Quackery o Who o Why o When o How o Money/Selling Product? ADARegistered Dietitian BEST Digestion o Mouth o Esophagus o Stomach o Small intestine o Large intestine o Rectum o Anus Process of Digestion o Mechanical o Mastication o Muscular o Peristalsis o Chemical o Enzymes Nutrient Digestion Macronutrients o Yesneed to break down into small units Micronutrients o Noready to be absorbed Absorption Most takes place in small intestine o Villi o Microvilli Transportation o Circulatory system o Lymph system Elimination o Kidney o Liver Key words o Bolus o Mastication o Peristalsis o Segmentation o Chyme o Sphincter...
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NutritionReviewExam1 - Healthy people o Age 2 and older o...

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