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zitkalaSa - horrible things that happened to the Native...

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Alex Takacs Eng 105-34 Roberts 3, Feb, 2008 An Indian teacher among Indians questions 1. A huge difference that I noticed was that I obviously did not pay for or had to fund in a private manner for my education prior to college. I also noticed that you had to be a national and state certified teacher in order to teach in public school where as in boarding or prep school you were not required to have those qualifications. I also did not “hang out” with many upper class children because most of them were at prep or boarding school. 2. The knowledge I received from researching the life of Zitkala Sa did not change my view of this short essay at all. She seemed to fight for the same issues through out her whole life. I think that her life story was interesting but does not effect the way I read this essay. 3. Her audience is a white audience. Someone who does not fully understand the
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Unformatted text preview: horrible things that happened to the Native American Indians late in the last century and early in this century. A twenty first century audience would benefit greatly from this text. Our history of American Indian culture has seemed to slip through the cracks of the American education system. I strongly think that it will be a long time before children or anyone gets a proper education about the Native American population through the American school system. 4. Personally I do not like Zitkala Sa’s writing style at all and I do not think it is effective. I don’t think it is very powerful in my eyes. I think that if she use facts as opposed to the symbolic whatever she writes I think that the text would have much more of an impact on today’s generation. I simply didn’t like the essay....
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