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3-423-07ProteinStructureStudent - Protein Structure...

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Protein Structure OBJECTIVES Describe the structure of the peptide bond, showing geometry, charge distribution and H- bonding groups. Draw the peptide backbone of a 5-residue portion of a protein. Compare and contrast primary, secondary, tertiary and quaternary protein structures: what are the bonds or interactions involved in each? Understand the forces that stabilize and destabilize the secondary structure of proteins; what are the effects (constraints) of amino acid sequence on an alpha helical structure? On a beta structure? Be able to sketch the structures of the alpha-helix and the parallel and anti-parallel beta-sheet structures and the beta turn. What is the basic structure of collagen? How does the primary structure of this protein lead to its higher-level structure? Understand the forces that stabilize the tertiary structure of proteins. Be able to draw partial structures illustrating these interactions. Know the fundamental rules governing structural patterns of soluble proteins. OUTLINE I Peptide bonds Chemistry Structure Polypeptide orientation Number of possible polypeptides? Overview of protein structure: Primary - AA sequence plus disulfide bonds Secondary Structure - local spatial arrangement of the polypeptide backbone Tertiary Structure - 3-D structure of entire polypeptide
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Quaternary Structure - spatial arrangement of subunits; applies only to proteins constructed of more than one polypeptide. II. Primary structure Important bonds, interactions? III. Secondary structure Important bonds, interactions? Alpha helix: structure, aas Beta-structures: beta sheets, beta turns: structure, aas IV Protein Tertiary Structure Important bonds, interactions?
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3-423-07ProteinStructureStudent - Protein Structure...

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