SENSATION is the process involved in

SENSATION is the process involved in - Perception is:-The...

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SENSATION is the process involved in: -Receiving environmental information -converting it into neural impulses for the brain to interpret. All sensory receptors convert physical energy into neural impulses that are transmitted to different sensory areas in the brain through the process of TRANSDUCTION. Vision -electromagnetic energy from the sun is stimulus for vision. -small particles travel in wavelike fashion. CHARACTERISTICS OF WAVES INFLUENCE VISION: -wavelength hue -amplitude-- brightness -purity-- saturation PARTS OF THE VISUAL SYSTEM -cornea (provides protection) -lens (focus the image) -pupil (opening into the eyeball, visual information goes through here) -iris ( color of the eye) -Retina ( area of transduction) -Cones (help to see color) -rods (in the peripheral, rods start working in the dark, cones settle down in the dark) -fovea ( lots of cones) -blind spot ( optic nerves travels from here)
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Unformatted text preview: Perception is:-The selection, organization and interpretation of-patterns of sensory information-to allow us to understand the meaning of objects and events FOUR TYPES OF PERCEPTION-form-depth -size-motion FORM PERCEPTION-figure vs. ground-Gestalt laws of perceptual organization-shape constancy-illusions of form FIGURE vs. GROUND-to recognize a form (or figure), we need to distinguish it from everything else-everything else = ground-Figure and ground can sometimes change GESTALT LAWAS OF PERCEPTUAL ORGANIZATION-proximity-similarity-continuity -connectedness-closure SHAPE CONSTANCY-if we know the shape of something (e.g., car, door, dog)-Perceive shape as unchanging-even though image on the retina may change-depending on angle of viewing ILLUSIONS OF FORM-subjective contours-impossible figures Impossible figures...
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SENSATION is the process involved in - Perception is:-The...

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