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EE 111 Name___________________________ © Jerome R. Breitenbach Section _____ Assignment 1 Answer the following questions on this sheet , being as detailed as the spaces provided allow. 1. Why did you choose to study electrical engineering? 2. Why did you choose Cal Poly over other colleges and universities? 3. Do you have any expectations about how, after receiving your bachelor’s degree, you expect to
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Unformatted text preview: continue in electrical engineering (e.g., work in industry in telecommunications; go to graduate school to study biomedical engineering; go to law school to become a patent attorney)? 4. What high school did you attend (name, city, state)? 5. What prior experience have you had with electrical engineering (e.g., as a hobbyist; as a technician in the military; as a clerk in an electronics parts store)?...
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