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EE111_HW8LabReports - to “Two stations were detected by...

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EE 111 Name ____________________________ Section ______ Assignment 8 For this assignment, write up Experiment 4, Section 1: step a and questions 1-3 (zener diodes) from EE 151 as a formal lab report. Note that version 19 is now available on blackboard. The requirements for the report are: 1. Three pages or less, single-spaced. 2. Enter the experiment title, EE 111-section number, course title, your name, and date (when the report was written) on the cover page of the report. 3. Include the following sections: a. Objective – Background information and goals of the lab. b. Procedure – Rewrite the lab procedure for this section (as given in the lab handout) in your own words using active voice (e.g., “The crystal radio set detected two stations” as opposed
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Unformatted text preview: to “Two stations were detected by the crystal radio set”). This section should also include a circuit diagram of the lab set up. c. Results – Present your data in a table and include an Excel or Matlab graph. On the graph, label all axes, include units, include data points, and so on (as discussed in lecture). d. Discussion and Conclusions – Explain how the measured data compares to expected results. Justify any discrepancies and suggest methods for improvement. 4. The report should be written in clear language and should be understandable to another electrical engineering student who has not seen this lab before....
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