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EE111_HW9InstrInterview - ± A student club of which the...

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EE 111 Name ____________________________ © Jerome Breitenbach Section ______ Assignment 9 Visit a Cal Poly instructor (other than an EE 111/151 instructor) whose department is in either the College of Engineering or the College of Science & Mathematics. Introduce yourself and ask him/her to discuss with you one or more of the topics listed below. Obtain the instructor’s name, department, and signature (dated) for verification. Fill in information from the interview in the spaces provided. To the student: Briefly discuss with the instructor one or more of the following topics (check all that apply). Fill-in all necessary information. An area of academic or professional interest to the instructor ________________________________________________________________________________ Projects the instructor is involved in, especially those involving student participation ________________________________________________________________________________
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Unformatted text preview: ± A student club of which the instructor is a faculty advisor ________________________________________________________________________________ ± Advice to the student (e.g., how to get the most out of class, what to do after graduation) ________________________________________________________________________________ ± Another topic the instructor feels is interesting or useful to the student: ________________________________________________________________________________ To the instructor: Thank you for participating in this EE 111 assignment, which is designed to encourage incoming electrical engineering students to get to know instructors outside of class. Instructor’s Name: _______________________________________ Instructor’s Signature: ____________________________________ Department: ____________________________________________ Date: __________________________________________________...
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