EE111Lect1IntroFall06H - EE 111 Introduction to Electrical...

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1 EE 111 Introduction to Electrical Engineering Dean Arakaki Fall 2006 Course Introduction • Blackboard and email – For help, call ITS 756-7000 or [email protected] • Class Syllabus – Textbooks, course topics, assignments, grading • Introduce instructor – Area of interest, classes, past work at JPL, NRL, Oceanit • Course objectives and format • Attendance, roll sheet • Ice breaker activity • First assignment ht p:/ ini_saturn_browse.jpg ht p:/ ht p:/ starbul NRL radar JPL Jason Satellite M 2 C 2 Comm Course Objectives • Introduce the field of EE • Interesting facts about EE – History, specialty areas, current development, future directions • Topics specific to engineering and EE majors – Curriculum, specialties, support courses, etc. • Identification of skills needed to be a successful EE student and practicing engineer – Application of math and science, library research skills, use of lab equipment, documentation skills, etc.
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2 Course Format • Introduce new topics • Informal discussions, class participation • Brief assignments • Guest speakers – Engineering librarian – Seniors/graduate students – EE dept chair – Outside? Outline of Textbook • The engineering curriculum: challenging! • Adjusting to college life – Less in-class time, more study time – Find the records office, library, classrooms – Buy books early, talk to classmates, go to orientations • Engineering school – Engineering professors (book says they’re odd) – Go to office hours, but be prepared ; schedule appointments if necessary – Demographics: minority, foreign, and female (SWE) students • The engineering branches – Civil/environmental, mechanical/aerospace, electrical/computer, chemical, industrial, material science Outline of Textbook • Classroom strategies – Listening and note-taking skills, keep/organize all notes – Highlight important relations, use shorthand – Read before class, pay attention during class, look over
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EE111Lect1IntroFall06H - EE 111 Introduction to Electrical...

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