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Laboratory Notebooks and Reports • Importance to companies, individuals • What to include • Format • Examples Lab Notebooks • Importance – Patent disputes: proves date of conception (original idea) and reduction to practice (prototype development). – U.S. Patent Office: patents are granted to ‘first to invent’ as opposed to ‘first to file.’ Different from most other countries. [1996: inventive activity could take place in WTO country, as opposed to North America]. • Investigation called ‘interference’ is carried out to determine who was first. – To replicate detailed procedures. Lost, misplaced, or forgotten data must be taken again (wastes time). – Research guide: which methods have been tried and what the results were. Avoids ‘reinventing the wheel.’ Lab Notebooks • Contents – Level of detail: enough to reproduce the experiment(s) and obtain similar results. – Use bound notebooks (pages cannot be added or removed) with sequentially numbered pages. – Use permanent ink. Never erase; instead, draw lines through entries. – Sign and date each entry; have a witness sign the range of pages for the entry in the notebook. – Write on every page. If space is skipped, draw diagonal
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EE111Lect7LabReportsH - Laboratory Notebooks and Reports...

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