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ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo EE 111-03 Instructor: Dean Arakaki Introduction to Electrical Engineering Office: 20-302 Fall 2006 Phone: 756-2625 Co-requisite: EE 151. Purpose and Topics: This course presents a general overview of the field of electrical engineering. It provides preparation for successful completion of the Electrical Engineering (EE) program at Cal Poly. The following topics will be addressed, though not necessarily in the order given: Overview of the EE curriculum History of EE Information competency (use of e-mail, the World Wide Web, the library, etc.) Review of high-school mathematics How to be a successful student Professional ethics Laboratory work Observation of senior projects presently in progress Texts and References: K. Donaldson, The Engineering Student Survival Guide , 3 rd ed., 2005. Jerome R. Breitenbach, Mathematical Preparation for the Electrical Engineering
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