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KU LEUVEN FACULTEIT SOCIALE WETENSCHAPPEN MASTER OF SCIENCE IN DE SOCIOLOGIE Pre-marital sexuality in Casablanca A qualitative research on the perceptions of pre-marital sexuality and virginity among highly educated women aged 20 – 25 in Casablanca, Morocco Promotor : Prof. Dr. K. Matthijs MASTERPROEF Verslaggever : Ine Van Hoyweghen aangeboden tot het verkrijgen van de graad van Master of Science in de Sociologie Assessor: Paul Puschmann door Caitlin CHANDLER academiejaar 2016 – 2017
1 Abstract: This thesis concerns a qualitative research with the aim of getting an insight in the experiences, perceptions and visions of pre-marital sexual behavior, the hymen and virginity of highly educated girls from a middle or upper class background who live in Casablanca, Morocco. Moreover, how this specific group of women perceive and deal with sexual taboos in present-day Morocco. Theory on the second demographic transition and sexual revolution sheds a different light on former research that has been conducted. Fourteen semi-structured face-to-face interviews have been conducted for this thesis with girls in the age range of 19 – 27. In many of the households, sexuality is still a taboo. Some respondents have pre-marital sexual relations before marriage during which some of them lose their hymen. There seems to have been a shift within this group of highly educated girls in Casablanca from ‘waiting until marriage’ to ‘waiting for the right guy to lose your virginity to’. Since there is still very few sex education in Morocco, girls use mainly the internet as a source to have their questions answered about sex. Some also talk to other female friends who might be more experienced to learn about sexuality and to share experiences. Because most girls do not find virginity that important, many would not consider having a hymen reconstruction. Many respondents perceive the sexual restrictions imposed on them to be quite unfair and perceive them as sexist.
2 Contents: 1. Acknowledgements p. 3 2. Introduction and problem definition p. 4 3. Research questions p. 8 4. Literature review 4.1 Sexuality in Moroccan culture and religion p. 9 4.2 Pre-marital sexuality in Casablanca p. 11 4.3 Sex education in Morocco p. 14 5. Theoretical framework 5.1 The second demographic transition in Morocco p. 16 5.2 Sexual revolution in the West versus the East p. 19 6. Methodology 6.1 Research type p. 21 6.2 Selection of respondents p. 22 6.3 Entrance points p. 24 6.4 Interviews p. 25 6.5 Interview questions p. 27 6.6 Instruments p. 29 7. Findings: 7.1 Family 7.1.1 Family background p. 30 7.1.2 Talking about dating within the family p. 31 7.1.3 Talking about sexuality within the family p. 32 7.1.4 Patriarchy within the household p. 34 7.2 Moroccan culture and religion 7.2.1 Societal expectations versus individual wishes p. 35 7.2.2 Generational differences p. 37 7.3 Dating and relationships 7.3.1 Dating experiences and partner choice p. 38 7.3.2 Future plans and marriage p. 40 7.4 Virginity and sexuality 7.4.1 Describing (female) virginity p. 41 7.4.2 The importance of virginity p. 42 7.4.3 Losing virginity p. 45 7.4.4