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Exam 3 notes - Structure Mind& Behavior Consciousness...

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Unformatted text preview: Structure Mind & Behavior October 19, 2006 Consciousness- Our awareness of ourselves and our environment.- Paying attention = becoming conscious of that thing Altered States of Consciousness- Day dreaming- Sleeping- Drug induced (sense of time is altered when high)- Meditative/ Prayer induced- Hypnosis (allows us to manipulate consciousness and can eliminate pain)- Near death experiences( Life flashes before you “White Light”) SLEEPING- Circadian rhythm: Biological clock; cyclical body rhythms ( Our natural Circadian rhythm is a 25 hour cycle 9-10 hours is best for most people- should wake up feeling rested IF YOU DON’T GET ENOUGH SLEEP- Immune system suppressed - Irritable, tired (Pissed off)- Poor judgment, poor concentration, poor creativity- More accidents, slower reaction times, misperceptions- Hallucinations REM: paradoxical sleep (The 4 stages of sleep)- REM REBOUND- when you don’t get a good night sleep and you don’t dream then the next time you sleep, REM occurs earlier than usual.- Paradoxical because the muscles remain relaxed while the brain and eyes are active SLEEP DISORDERS- Insomnia (a major result of amount of caffeine intake) - Narcolepsy- Suddenly fall asleep, mostly triggered by arousal. (Different than a seizure)- Sleep apnea- Happens at REM- When you are not breathing properly during sleep and are not getting enough air. People wake up exhausted even after 10 hours of sleep because not getting deep REM sleep.- Night terrors- occur in stage 4 sleep. There is no story in dream- just random terrifying occurrences during sleep. PURPOSE OF DREAMS- Jung and Freud- Information Processing- Random neural activity October 24, 2006 Developmental Psychology : The study of cognitive physical and social change throughout the life cycle- Infants are born with about as many neurons as they are ever going to have… However the neural networking compared to adult networks are very simple....
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Exam 3 notes - Structure Mind& Behavior Consciousness...

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