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Inside Man Final Paper 2

Inside Man Final Paper 2 - Brian Fairlie Inside Man Intro...

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1 Brian Fairlie Inside Man 11/22/06 Intro to Film The film, Inside Man , takes a glimpse into the psyche of New York City and, in a bigger sense, the United States as a nation. In it, director Spike Lee makes another statement regarding racism and prejudice in general. He shows how racism and prejudice can cloud the issues of what is important in our world, namely, understanding one another. Lee demonstrates how people act on these racist views and how the supposed bank robbers use this against the police in order to achieve their aims. One of the most memorable scenes from Inside Man is the scene when Russell (the head bank robber), releases Vikram Walia (the Sikh). When Vikram is realized to be wearing a turban, the cops immediately declare him an Arab with a shout of “Shit! It’s an Arab!”. This shows America’s disregard for the cultural differences of Sikhs and Arabs (which he is certainly not). They begin treating him as a hostile and ask if he has a bomb (thus stereotyping him as a terrorist). During the commotion, the police make of their most crucial
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2 mistakes. They fail to realize the importance of the object that hung around Vikram’s neck. Any suspicion that the police held were dispelled upon realizing that it was not a bomb. Thus, it was not subjected to further examination (beyond reading the demands). What the police failed to realize was that the object was not just a listening device. The object hanging from Vikram’s neck was a decoy, for it held a listening device, that the robbers had planted. The bank robbers then used this device to their advantage.
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Inside Man Final Paper 2 - Brian Fairlie Inside Man Intro...

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