Paintball - Brian Fairlie Narrative Noobie Paintball POP...

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1Brian Fairlie 11/10/05 Narrative Noobie Paintball POP POP POP! The sound of paintball fire sounds off in the distance. I dive behind a fallen tree trunk and look back to my teammates. Pete, Tim, and Danny take cover inside a bunker about 10 feet behind me. I make a quick scan of the forest in front of me. I see no one. Images of Return of the Jedi, pop into my head, all that’s missing are the Ewoks running amok. The sun shines down on us through the trees on this brisk, October day. The silence is almost deafening. Where are they shooting from? This is it, my first time out paintballing, the same goes for everyone else on the field with me. Just a bunch of “noobies” jumping into the game of paintball. A mix of a chill in the air and the anxious sweat makes my fingers clammy. I lift my head to take another scan of the area, when the air fills with paint. POP POP POP POP POP!! The shots sound off in rapid succession. I duck my head and glance back to Pete, good man, he was watching too and now knew from where Matt and Joe were hidden. He signals me to provide suppression fire. I nod and turn back toward our enemy. My gun, being the fastest rate of fire would give the best level of suppression and would allow Tim and Danny to attempt a flanking manuever.
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Paintball - Brian Fairlie Narrative Noobie Paintball POP...

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