Exam 3 Review MY NOTES

Exam 3 Review MY NOTES - Exam 3 Review States of...

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Exam 3 Review States of Consciousness – Chapter 4 What is consciousness? Our awarness of ourselves and our environment What are altered states of consciousness? Changes in awareness produced by sleep, medication, hyponosis, and drugs. What are circadian rhythms – if not given any external cues, how long are our natural circadian rhythms (25 hours) Biological clock, senior citizens wake up at 5AM everyone else 9AM, timing of life sustaining proccess Sleep Deprivations Symptoms - Minor hallucinations, negatively impacts mood, alertness, and performance and reduces body’s ability to warn itself. Even after one night sleep deprivation can affect your body. Be able to read different EEG readings and stages of sleep Stage 1 transition stage between waking and sleeping , Stage 2 somewhat more sleepier and harder to wake , Stage 3 After 20% of delta shows this stage starts , Stage 4 as delt waves increase to 50% this stage starts , REM Class 1 slide 4 ?? What is REM Rebound and what caues it Increased amount of REM sleep that occurs after REM deprivation; often associated with unpleasant dreams or nightmares. When people are sleep deprived. Sleep Disorders Insomnia sleep pills will lower REM sleep. .major result caffeine intake Narcolepsy Unexpectedly fall asleep much different than seizure Sleep Apnea a sleep disorder characterized by periods of sleep when breathing stops and indivdual must awaken briefly in order to brethe. Happens at REM. People wake up exhausted even after 10 hours of sleep not getting enough REM sleep. Night terrors A sleep disturbance that occurs during partial arousal from Stage 4 sleep, in which the person sleeping springs up in a state of panic. Sleeping pills Lower REM sleep alcohol stopsREM sleep What's the difference between night terrors and nightmares? Terrors occur in stage 4 sleep monster appear cold sweats. Nightmares are frightening dreams that occur during REM sleep likely to be remembered in vivid detail. Purpose of dreams dreams are simply the brain’s attempt to make sense of the random firing of brain cells during REM sleep. Freudian/Jungian perspective objectes symbolize different things in your dreams, Information processing sees the human mind as a system that functions like a computer Random neural firing (activation / synthesis) hypothesis (p. 388)
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What is developmental psychology? The study of cognitive physical and social change throughtout the life cycle. Describe the nature / nurture debate about human development
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Exam 3 Review MY NOTES - Exam 3 Review States of...

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