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Red Riding hood - lie in bed with “grandma” Upon...

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1Brian Fairlie 1/18/06 Little Red Riding Hood Fantasy Meaning Behind the Red Cape The meaning or symbolism of the red cape that Little Red Riding Hood wears is often a sexual one. The color red has always been associated with passion and lust. The fact that such a colored cloak is paired with a young, innocent, little girl only further emphasizes such a idea. The wolf represents men out “on the prowl” for young women to bed. All along the way to her Grandmother’s house, the wolf tries to charm Little Red. In several versions, the wolf smooth talks her into leaving the path, so he can get a head start to the grandmother’s house and her the two of them. Another hint that the story has a sexual meaning behind it, is that she carries wine in her basket. Such a beverage carries with it sensual meaning, perhaps if only vaguely implied in any of the tales. In many versions of the tale, Little Red Riding Hood is told to remove her clothing and
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Unformatted text preview: lie in bed with “grandma”. Upon removing her clothes and unknowingly joining the wolf in bed, she is eaten. Further research into these tales bring up images from some of the original books, such as the cover to Charles Perrault’s 1697 version, in which the girl is shown beneath the wolf in the bed, clearly a sexual meaning is intended in this tale. The basic idea of the tale itself, a young female, who is taken advantage by a male wolf (or at least he tries, depending on which version is read). The common moral to this story even tells children, such as in Perrault’s version “. ..especially attractive, well bred young ladies,. ..” warns of wolves who will try to charm and quest for young women. The red cloak only acts as one more symbol to the lust and passion that is intended for Little Red Riding Hood....
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