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1STUDY SHEET: First Mid-Term Exam Ancient Near East Sp 2007 See Handbook sections listed on Syllabus for Feb. 19; you are responsible for following all rules described there. Avoid penalty points for not signing Rollbook at test. Also avoid penalty points for incorrect heading on Essay, or for printing your name any way other than LAST name first – on all FOUR parts of test, including bottom of back page of Essay (each incorrect time costs a point). All toponyms on map(s) of Part 1 appear on maps in chapters 1-5 of Text or were emphasized in class. Spellings below generally follow Text, though system used there is inconsistent. Learn location, date, and importance (as applicable) of each item, to be well prepared. Essay clues in class. Abydos Hittites Nitiqret (Nitokris) Akkadian Empire Humbaba Old Babylonian Kingdom Alalakh Hurrians Old Kingdom Aleppo Hyksos Osiris Amenemhet (Ammenemes) I Ibbi-Sin Pepi II Amurru Idrimi Ptah Asshur Imhotep Pyramid Texts Avaris Ishtar Red Crown Babylon Kanesh Rim-Sin Book of the Dead Karduniash Saqqara Bull of Heaven Karnak Sargon Byblos Khasekhemwy Senusret (Senwosret) I Coffin Texts Khufu Seqenenre Tao II Deir el-Bahri Kush Seth Peribsen Djoser Kussara Shamshi-Adad Ekur Lamentation for Ur Sharuhen Elam Lower Egypt Shibtu Elamites Ludlul Bel Nemeqi Shulgi Elephantine Lugalzagesi Sinuhe Enheduanna's Hymn to Inanna Ma'at Sobekneferu Enkidu Manetho Sphinx Enuma Elish Marduk Sumer Ereshkigal Mari Telepinus Eshnunna Mastaba Third Dynasty of Ur Euphrates Memphis Tigris Faiyum Menes Upper Egypt Gilgamesh Mentuhotep II Ur Giza Merikare Ur-Nammu Guti Meritneith Uruinimgina Hammurabi Middle Kingdom Utnapishtim Hattusas Mursilis I White Crown Hattusilis I Naram-Sin Yahdun-Lim Heliopolis Narmer Yasmah-Adad (-Addu) Herakleopolis Neferti (Nefer-Rohu) Zimri-Lim Niqmepa
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Akkadian Empire - was the state that grew up around the city of Akkad north of Sumer, reaching its greatest extent under Sargon of Akkad. Although ascertaining exact dates during this period is subject to significant disagreement, the Akkadian Empire lasted from about 2350 BC to 2150 BC— approximately 200 years. Under Akkadian rule, the Sumerian, and even Elamite languages were marginalized in favour of the Semitic Akkadian language. Collapsed outright from the invasion of barbarians of the Zagros known as "Gutians". Amenemhet I - first ruler of the Twelfth Dynasty (the dynasty debated to be the beginning of the Middle Kingdom of Egypt). He ruled from 1991 BC to 1962 BC[2] . Amenemhet I was not of royal lineage, and hence took measures to assure the authority of his kingship, such as including literary works (the Prophecy of Neferti, Instructions of Amenemhat) and the revertion to the pyramid-style complexes of the 6th dynasty rulers. Amenemhet I also moved the capital from Thebes to Itjtawy and was buried in el-Lisht. Was assassinated. Amurru - god of the Amorite/Amurru people;
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STUDY SHEET - STUDY SHEET First Mid-Term Exam Ancient Near...

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