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exam 4 updated - Sensation brain picks up information and...

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Sensation – brain picks up information and sends them to the brain (receptor site) Perception – that info is organized and interpreted by the brain (occurs in brain) Transduction – sensory receptors convert the stimulation into neural impulses Sensory Adaptation – getting used to heat in a hot tub Perceptual Habituation – occurs in the brain – living next to a freeway and getting used to the loud noises TOP DOWN – effect of knowledge or expectations about the world on your perceptions. Previous experience and knowledge are applied in order to recognize the whole situation than figure the situation out – good for examples that show effect of context, knowledge and expectation – when letters were shown because of previous knowledge you were able to know what they said (cognition) BOTTUM UP – neural activity coming from the senses that are constructed into perceptions. They do not have access to what we know about the world, expectations, or beliefs. (environment) Convergence – closer – eye to look more inward Accommodation – Closer – require lens to curve more/focusing Retinal Disparity – Closer – larger disparity between images PUPIL – light goes in here, dark opening in center of iris IRIS – Colored part of eye which regulates the amount of light entering the eye LENS – Focuses on viewed objects RETINA- The lens focuses the incoming image on this – image upside down and is reversed left to right FOVEA – At center of retina-image is focused here, packed with cones RODS – very sensitive allowing the eye to respond to as few as 5 photons of light –MORE RODS CONES – can see color and fine detail in adequate light
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exam 4 updated - Sensation brain picks up information and...

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