Goblin Market - Lizzie is so devoted to her sister, that...

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1 Brian Fairlie 3/23/06 Goblin Market Fantasy Beware the Goblins’ Enticements In Christina Rossetti’s story, Goblin Market, it becomes obvious early in the story that this is a cautionary tale to young girls. It warns of the tactics evil men use to take advantage of naive women. “Goblin Market” also tells of the importance of family, particularly sisters. The merchants of the market attempt to tempt Laura and Lizzie with fruits and other tasty treats. Despite warnings from her sister Lizzie (the voice of reason and caution), Laura falls to temptation and is taken advantage of by the goblins. These “fruits” are quickly realized to represent things of a more sexual nature. Laura’s submission to these treats ends up harming her and nearly destroys her. As important as the theme of being wary of strangers (men in particular), there is another important theme in Rossetti’s tale. The love and devotion of sisters is also prominent in this story.
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Unformatted text preview: Lizzie is so devoted to her sister, that she subjects herself to the molestation of the goblins in order to save her sisters life. After enduring the horrible treatment of the goblins, she rushes home to give her sister the juices that cover her face and lips, in the hope that this will revitalize her dearest sister. Somehow, the juices, which once poisoned Laura, now bring her back into life. Perhaps, instead of it being the juices that reversed the damage, it was the kisses and embrace of Lizzie. The love it bestowed upon Laura that brought her back from ruin. These two themes are very prominent in the story, “Goblin Market” and are obvious lessons to anyone who reads it. Young women are clearly meant to learn that they should be wary of strange men. They would also be wise to heed the lesson that a sister’s love is a very powerful thing....
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Goblin Market - Lizzie is so devoted to her sister, that...

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