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History Review - Otto von Bismarck - Prime Minister of...

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1Otto von Bismarck - Prime Minister of Prussia, master of Realpolitik, helped unify Germany, reorganized and expanded Prussian army. Preached unification through “blood and iron”. The Berlin Conference - 1884–85 regulated European colonization and trade in Africa. Its outcome, the General Act of the Berlin Conference, is often seen as the formalization of the Scramble for Africa. Three Emperors' League - informal alliance among Austria-Hungary, Germany, and Russia; The aims of the league were to preserve the social order of the conservative powers of Europe and to keep the peace between Austria-Hungary and Russia. Social Darwinism - Darwin's theory of evolution in a population by natural selection can also be applied to competition between societies or groups within a society. Herbert Spencer - father of Social Darwinism, a school of thought that applied the evolutionist theory of survival of the fittest to human societies. “White Man’s Burden” - poem by Rudyard Kipling, warned about imperialism, but people used it to describe colonization of Phillippines. Hong Xuiquan - leader of the Taiping Rebellion and established the Heavenly Kingdom of Taiping, in which he was known as the King of Heaven. Taiping Rebellion - was perhaps the bloodiest civil war in human history, between the forces of the Qing Empire in China and those inspired by a Hakka self-proclaimed mystic named Hong Xiuquan, a Christian convert who had claimed that he was the new Messiah and younger brother of Jesus Christ. Self-Strengthening Movement - a period of political reforms aimed at modernizing and liberalizing Chinese institutions toward the end of the Qing Dynasty, following a series of military defeats and concessions to foreign powers. Meiji Restoration
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History Review - Otto von Bismarck - Prime Minister of...

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