Why Do People Believe in Gods

Why Do People Believe in Gods - Why Do People Believe in...

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Unformatted text preview: Why Do People Believe in Gods? 01/09/10 The Problem We tend to think about religion in a particular way because of the political power it had Science/religion opposition greatly overstated History religion is excluded Psychology behavior we want to explain but its peculiar Intellectualism Human behavior has causes, that dont have reasons How does something so horrible become to be a good idea? Symbolism Dundes and Symbolism Mythology product of human mind Psychoanalysis Wednesday, January 23, 2008 Quiz Monday flow chart argument in first 2 chapters Structuralism Symbolism Apparently irrational behavior is communicative People manipulate symbols because symbols stand for something else What the symbol stands for? Bird is really about male preg envy If the behavior doesnt make sense after you substitute the meaning, then its not right Behavior makes sense when the symbol is replaced by its meaning Ferdinand de Saussure Course in general linguistics If you want to study language, you cant study what people what actually Preg Envy Cloacal Earth Diver Myth Adam Eve Dust/mud Adam Raven creation story Conscious/ Unconscious mind say, you have to study the system Langue(system) vs. Parole Arbitrary signifier-signified pairs Language as an intensional system based on contrast Has meaning relative to each other, internal structure Claude Shannon Mathematical Theory of Communication Code (Langue) and Message Inventor of information theory Need redundancy to get through noise Bit: binary digit, popularized notion of it Capable of describing any kind of information Roman Jakobson Fundamentals of Language Ontogeny of phonemic system Starting with binary distinctions Become more complex to lead up with phonemics Markedness When you have a binary pair, one is default, one is a mark value One is used by default, the other marked Claude Levi-Strauss The human predicament One really basic is for humans intention of thinking we are not part of nature and facing the fact that we are Understanding myths all have to based on simple animal level categories, extraordinary reductionist, myths are always reducible, and about contradiction between human and animal level Mythic logic Science of the concrete Logic or knowledge Primitive people think in the same was as advanced, we think in abstractions, they think in concrete instances Autonchonous emerging from ground Homology and mediation Function reconcile the central conflict between nature and culture Abstract structure that gives rise to what it actually is Myths are messages transmitted from a previous generation, but the transition is very noisy Look at entire body and figure out what they are all saying together Code Redundancy Reading for Monday...
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Why Do People Believe in Gods - Why Do People Believe in...

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