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Exam Two Review v07 - Planet Earth 460:100:06 Exam Two...

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Planet Earth 460:100:06 Exam Two Review Guide Below is a lecture-by-lecture synopsis of key concepts and definitions you should probably understand. I have also noted other oddities you don’t need to focus on. Of course, not everything you are expected to know will be tested on the 50 question exam, but if you have a good handle of the material listed below, you should do rather well. This is NOT designed as a substitute for attending class, reading the textbook, and reviewing the lectures. This is merely a set of guidelines to streamline the material so you can focus your efforts on the “right stuff”. Lecture 10- Sedimentary Rocks What to know: 1. What are sedimentary rocks? Where are they found? Know the “rock cycle” 2. Lithification (Compaction and Cementation): burial is key 3. “Screen door” of energy: High energy can move large objects, low energy cannot. This is reflected in the grain size and allows interp of ancient environments 4. Classes of Sedimentary Rocks and BASIC names (sandstone, siltstone, breccia) 5. What is sorting? What is roundness? What can it tell us? 6. Biochemical rocks: what are they made of? Why are they different from Organic Rocks? 7. How do Chemical rocks form? What is a modern parallel (e.g., Dead Sea) 8. Laws of Superposition, lateral continuity and Original Horizontality; importance of correlation 9. What can sedimentary structures tell us? Give an example. What is cross bedding and how does it form? 10. What are some depositional environments and how are they represented in the sedimentary rock record? (e.g. deltas, alluvial fans, deep sea, glaciers, etc.)? Know basic details, but again, not an excruciating amount. What not to know: 1. Bedding planes 2. Know what ripples, cross bedding, and graded beds are- but don’t stress about the details. 3.
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Exam Two Review v07 - Planet Earth 460:100:06 Exam Two...

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