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Notes for Law and Politics

Notes for Law and Politics - Federalist No 78 o life tenure...

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Notes for Law and Politics Article III o Section One - The Supreme Court is the highest level of court, and inferior courts. Judges, when presiding over the court properly, will receive a previously arranged salary that shall never decrease in value. o Section Two - The judicial power extends to all cases in law and equity, and any cases involving Ambassadors, public ministers and consuls, and when the State is in the case, the courts have original jurisdiction. Trials will be held in the state that the crime has been committed. o Section Three - Treason is only called for when killing Americans or aiding enemies. Treason is also called if two witnesses testify to it or the person confesses in court.
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Unformatted text preview: Federalist No. 78 o life tenure is the most valuable advances in the advances in the theory of representative Permanency in office frees judges from political pressures and prevents invasions on judicial power by the president and congress To say the constitution is not superior to laws suggests that the representatives of the people are superior to the people and that the constitution is inferior to the government it gave birth to. Life tenure also ensures that judges are experienced enough to fully understand the complexities of certain abstract laws • Federalist No. 79 o Fixed salaries that do not diminish ensures that legislature does not hold influence over judges....
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