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Study Guide, Final, 07# - Study Guide for Final Examination...

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Study Guide for Final Examination, Fall 2007 512: 103, sec. 10 Professor Schrepfer [email protected] The final exam will be cumulative. Consult “Study Guide for the Midterm.” Look particularly at the following concepts: the market revolution abolitionism laissez faire and mercantilism gender xenophobia and natives Manifest Destiny millennialism The New Nation In 1787 the Continental Congress passed the Northwest Ordinance governing disposal of public lands. What issues were addressed in the debates that led up to passage of the ordinance? What positions did major factions represent? Which faction sustained the greatest victories with regard to the final provisions? Where was “the west” in 1787? What was considered the “western” portion of the U.S. by 1860? How did the U.S. Constitution protect minorities, even before the Bill of Rights in 1791? What minorities did James Madison urge be guarded (see The Federalists Papers #51). Republicanism and Federalism What issues regarding equal rights did the U.S. Constitution not address? Who was not accorded equal rights and is there evidence that those excluded argued their case? What is the evidence of a post-Revolutionary "contagion of liberty,” to use Eric Foner's phrase? The framers of the Constitution did not look favorably upon political parties, yet during the presidencies of George Washington and John Adams political factions emerged. What were the differences in ideologies, constituencies, and policies between these two factions? What caused the Whiskey Rebellion of 1794? What was the federal response? To what extent did the rebellion represent one more episode in the long history of western resistance to eastern authorities? Or might it better be called a second American revolution that failed? What were the methods by which the builders of the new government under the U.S. Constitution to sought to construct a new legitimacy? How did George Washington address issues of legitimacy in his 1796 Farewell Address? Technology and the Economy in Northern and Western States Provide examples of important, large-scale and small-scale technologies in the market revolution. Analyze ingredients essential to the revolution: Labor, capital, markets, technology, federal and state activism, and resources. What does Peter Henderson’s nursery in New Jersey tell us about the market revolution--its character, causes, and
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consequences? Analyze the textile manufacturing sector of the northern economy during the market
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Study Guide, Final, 07# - Study Guide for Final Examination...

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