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Immigration_Bill_Bullshit recovery

Immigration_Bill_Bullshit recovery - 1 Justin Dooley...

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1 Justin Dooley Comparative Politics Monday, June 18, 2007 Meredith Staples 2007 U.S Immigration Bill The Immigration Bill, currently in deliberation in the United States, directs itself on dealing with the current population of illegal immigrants. The U.S Congress has considered amendments such as amnesty for illegal immigrants and “the president pledged $4.4 billion for border security and enforcement of employment laws,” (Kiely 1). The regime of the U.S government is being influenced by the cultural belief and economic desires of people in the United States. Culturally some Americans have been known to want to deport illegal immigrants and economically small businesses, wealthier families, and farmers use illegal workers. The border security amendment would fund the heavy enforcement of state boundaries with walls and policing as well as “amnesty fees” being backed by President Bush that will require illegal immigrants to pay their way to citizenship, (Kiely 1). Currently the bill has not reached a full bipartisan agreement and remains up in the air. There is heavy debate and conflict behind this issue and “ more than 300 amendments to the current bill have been proposed,” (Pear 2). It is surprising what is proposed by both parties and it will be interesting to see how this bill turns out. It is definitely the biggest issue on the floor of Congress at the moment and with work from congressmen on both sides the bill may be resolved. A similar bill was proposed last year that was never passed.
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