SYLLABUS - POS 210 Political Ideologies Fall 2007 Simhony...

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POS 210 Political Ideologies Fall 2007 Simhony Lattie Coor Hall, #6762 Course TA: Ms Tracy Munsil (480) 727- 8189 Lattie Coor Hall, # [email protected] Office hours: Tuesday: 12:30-1:30 Office hours: Thursday, 12:30-1:30, and by appointment. Course description The course will examine modern ideologies. Special attention will be given to the different views of human nature that underpin these ideologies and to their political ideals of freedom as well as the role of the state. The main aim of the course is to acquaint the student, in a systematic fashion, with different ideological "kits of tools" and how they are employed to forge areas of agreement as well as controversies among different ideological perspectives. Required reading (1) Terence Ball & Richard Dagger, Political Ideologies and the Democratic Ideal Sixth Edition (Longman, 2006). It is referred to in the schedule of topics as Text . (2) Terence Ball & Richard Dagger, eds. Ideals and Ideologies. A Reader Sixth Edition (Longman, 2006). Referred to as Reader . Please note: * Both books are available at ASU Book Store. * Make sure you get the Sixth Edition Course Requirements (1) Attendance, preparation, participation. Students are expected to do the reading, carefully and comprehensively, for every session, attend class on regular basis, and make a meaningful effort to participate in classroom discussion. (Each session will include a discussion based on the reading and class material. Students are encouraged to raise any question they might have with regard to either.) (2) Three (3) midterm in-class exams, and a final exam. The final exam is cumulative. The exams are based on the required reading –both Text and Reader – and class material. They comprise two (2) parts: in-class exam and take-home essay. The in-class exams are entirely objective and include all or some of the following: multiple choice quizzes, true/false, and matching. Each exam is preceded by a review. The take-home essays of two to three (2-3) page length (typed, double-space, font 12, and 1" margins.). An essay question and a guideline will be posted on the blackboard about two weeks before the due date. Each essay is due in class on the day of the 1
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relevant exam (see below). The final exam will have only the objective part. The exams' schedule is as follows: Review In-class exam Essays due date 1 st exam September 13, Thursday September 18, Tuesday 1 st : Sept. 18, in class 2 nd exam October 16, Tuesday October 18, Thursday 2 nd : Oct. 18, in class 3 rd exam November 8, Thursday November 13, Tuesday 3 rd : Nov. 13, in class Final exam December 4, Tuesday December 7, Friday (10:00-11:50, same classroom) Please note: * To pass the course, it is necessary to take all four (4) exams, including the three (3) take-home essays . (3)
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SYLLABUS - POS 210 Political Ideologies Fall 2007 Simhony...

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