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Immigration and Migration: Fall 2007 Name: Directions : There are 15 true/false and multiple choice questions, each of which is worth 2 points. There are 10 fill-in-the-blank questions, each of which is worth 2 points. There are 5 short answer questions. Each short answer question is worth 10 points. The exam is due as an email attachment to Ms Selena Nakano by Monday, October 16 th at 9:30 am MST . Send your exam as an email attachment in the following format: Last Name, First Name – Final Exam (e.g., Magana, Lisa – Exam 2) In the subject line of your email, type: " Immigration Final Exam " Two points will be deducted if you do not submit the exam in this format. TRUE/FALSE AND MULTIPLE CHOICE (40 pts) -- Underline The Correct Answer 1. IRCA was the first immigration policy created to decrease illegal immigration. A. True B. False 2. There are approximately ________________ million legal permanent residents in the United States. A. 21.7 B. 10.5 C. 3.7 3. Policies created to discourage healthcare for immigrants have been created at the _____________ levels. A. Private B. Federal C. State D. County E. All of the above 4 . Churches have adapted their platforms in order to accommodate Latino immigrants. a. True b. False 1
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Demographic projections indicate that Latinos are more likely to be found in _________ areas. A. Northeastern B. Rural C. Urban D. Metropolitan. 6. Street level bureaucrats refer to ______________ . A. Immigration officials B. School teachers C. Social Workers D. All of the above 7. Citizenship USA was a federal policy implemented to _________________ the naturalization process. A. Increase B. Discourage C. Motivate D. Eliminate 8. With respect to immigration, a “coyote” refers to A. An immigrant smuggler B. A four legged canine C. A Mexican reference to a channel D. None of the above 9. Social services include A. Healthcare B. Welfare C. Schools D. All of the above 10. The Immigration Policy Process is not characterized by which of the following factors: A. clear objectives B. popular sentiment C. political compromises 11. Immigrant employers are more likely to hire American citizens. 2
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TCL314_FinalExam - Immigration and Migration Fall 2007 Name...

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