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Evaluation “The Gamble Of a Lifetime” is written by Romesh Ratnesar and Matt Rees. I used EbscoHost to find the article. If the authors have any bias on the issue, it does not show through the article. The article is recent, which helps it to build credibility. However, the article’s main source of credibility stems from the fact that the two main authors, Romesh Ratnesar and Matt Rees not only reported from Jerusalem, but they interviewed Sharon to get his direct opinions. Ratnesar has written over 20 articles for Time and has covered stories from Israel, Iraq, and Saudi Arabia. Matt Rees is the Middle East Bureau Chief for Time. Last year, Rees published Cain's Field: Faith, Fratricide and Fear in the Middle East, in which explored issue in both Israeli and Palestinian societies by interviewing people on both sides. Jeffrey Goldberg, a Middle East correspondent for the New Yorker says Rees, “knows the Middle East better than almost anyone.” The knowledge that writers have about the Middle East, particularly
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ENG105_Summary - Evaluation "The Gamble Of a...

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