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POS 210 Political Ideologies 3 rd Essay question : King says: “One may well ask” him, “‘How can you [King] advocate breaking some laws and obeying other?’” Why does King advocate “breaking some laws”? Does King tell us, specifically and concretely , which laws we should break? Does the manner of breaking them matter to him at all, and why? Does King regard his breaking the law in Birmingham as extreme activity and why? In answering the question, be sure to do the following: (1) Find the quotation first. It will help you focus your understanding. Then, read and reread the entire essay carefully. (2) Give a nutshell answer (state your answer first, and then proceed to explain and support it). (3) Note that the main question—Why does King advocate “breaking some laws”?—is accompanied by 3 questions. Be sure to answer all of them. In writing your essay, you need to integrate all the questions into one coherent narrative. Do not write 4 separate essays. (4)
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