homework4 - m , for carbon diffusion (Take the lattice...

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Matsc 503 Kinetics of Materials Processes - Spring 2002 Problem Set #4, Due February 13 1. In the temperature range – 70 to 400 o C the diffusion coefficient for C in a-Fe is D=0.02exp(-10120/T) cm 2 /s. If the average vibration frequency of the carbon atoms in the lattice is 5.0x10 13 /s, calculate the entropy of motion, S
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Unformatted text preview: m , for carbon diffusion (Take the lattice parameter to be 2.48x10-8 cm.) 2. Write a defect reaction equation for each of the following processes a. Solid solution of CaCl 2 in NaCl b. Solid solution of SrTiO 3 and BaTiO 3 c. Solid solution of Y 2 O 3 in BaTiO 3 d. Solid solution of Nb 2 O 5 in BaTiO 3...
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