Test11999 - MatSc503 Kinetics of Materials Processes Test 1 1(35 points The phase diagram of a binary system(components A and B is shown in the

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MatSc503 Kinetics of Materials Processes - Test 1 February 24, 1999 1. (35 points) The phase diagram of a binary system (components A and B) is shown in the figure below. An infinite couple is made with pure B on one side and a finely dispersed two- phase alloy of average composition (in terms of mole fraction of B) X o on the other side. The couple is annealed at temperature T (as shown in the figure) for some time t. Assume that the molar volume and the interdiffusion coefficient are constant with respect to composition and that the interface compositions reach equilibrium values rapidly after forming the couple. (a) Sketch the composition profiles at time 0 and after some time t. (b) Write the conservation condition at the moving interface. (c) Which direction does the interface move with time? (d) How will the composition profiles look like if X o was zero? 2. (40 points) A piece of Steidlium (St) with a dimension 10cm × 10cm × 1cm containing 1.0 at % Deikium (De) is put into an oven for removing De. The density of St is 5g/cm
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