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POS 210 Political Ideologies Essay’s question : Discussing the state of nature, Locke holds that in order that all individuals may be restrained from invading the rights of others, each and every individual has the power to execute the law of nature. If so, why do individuals really quit the state of nature? In answering the question, be sure to do the following: (1) Give a nutshell answer (state your answer first, and then proceed to explain and support it). (2) Explain what executing the law of nature consists in. (3) Do not leave general statements unspecified, unexplained, and unsupported. Required reading : the paper should be based on Locke’s writings in the Reader . You may further use class discussions. Due date: Tuesday, September 18, in class (the same day of the first in-class exam). E-mailed papers will not be accepted.
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Unformatted text preview: Length: the paper shall not exceed three (3) pages and shall not be shorter than two (2) pages. It should be typed, double spaced, using font size 12. Please staple your essay. IMPORTANT: (1) Your essay will be evaluated according to the clarity of your writing, the thoroughness of your treatment, and the appropriate use of the required reading and/or discussions in class. (2) When using an authors own words, quotation marks should always be used. Quotations should be always accompanied by a reference to the section number & the page . Failure to do so, will result in an automatic grade of 0. (3) Do not let quotations do the whole work for you. That is, long quotations should always be followed by your own analysis. (4) Assertions should always be supported by argument, reason or any relevant evidence you find in the primary sources....
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