Exam-MATH1005-2004April - ~'4 ~r Ie- ~"A.IY'\...

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~'4 ~r Ie- ~"A.IY'\ .I:- "ATH l f)of" : !' e.r-.'~.: .f.-. I:?"'j e rL' DURATION: 3 HO4RS Students MUST co r t the number of pag~s in this examination question paper;'before begin- ning to writ~, and port any discrepanc~ immediately to a proctor. This question pape has 14 pages, i9cluding this top page. Family Na , e: First Name: Student # : Circle your I cours~ section here: A: Alaca, A. B: Dube, S. C: Dube, S. D: Alaca, A. Please, check! the a~ropriate box: FINAt : D 0 DEFERRED FINAL: .This exam consist of 3 r multiple choice que~tions worth (2) marks each for a total of 60 marks. i .Fill in your section let~er in the "S" column Ion the Scantron sheet, to the right of the "FIRST N AME" field~ I .Answer e~h .9u~tion ~y filling in the ap~ro~riate box on the Scantron sheet (in pencil) A@ by cIrclIng the a*swer on the questlonlsheet. .Please make sure your ~ame and student nu~ber are filled in accurately on BOTH question paper AND Scantron s~eet. !
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MATH 1005AB~D Final Exam April 2004 2 1. Which of thel fOllOW t ng differential equati~ns is satisfied by the orthogonal trajectories to k i the curves'll = _ 2 r x I Y'=~ y' = -I~ (c) y' = -I~ y'=-li 3x+y ! X
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Exam-MATH1005-2004April - ~'4 ~r Ie- ~"A.IY'\...

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