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Unformatted text preview: Biology 301 Biology Infectious Disease & Society Textbook Review Textbook Outbreaks 1-16 Outbreaks Outbreaks and Cases Emphasizing Concepts in Basic Microbiology. in will examine some of the more notable Infectious Diseases Infectious We We Tuberculosis What What is the causative agent of tuberculosis? tuberculosis? Bacterial pathogen – Mycobacterium tuberculosis Acid-fast, Acid-fast, rod-shaped streptobacillus (prefix “strepto” = chain and also twisted) chain Where does TB live? humans are the reservoir. Infected Tuberculosis How is TB spread? respiratory droplets. airborne How does TB cause disease? organism organism attaches to alveolar macrophages after macrophages entering the lungs. entering Bacteria are engulfed by macrophages but avoid Bacteria fusion with lysosomes. fusion Replication occurs within infected macrophages Replication followed by lysis. Other macrophages are drawn to the area and layer around the infected cells forming tubercles. tubercles. Tuberculosis What What bad bad are the Clinical Signs and Symptoms of TB? Symptoms cough with bl...
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