Many strains produce a biofilm that allows them to

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Unformatted text preview: :// medical Staphylococcus Infections How is staph typically spread? Transmission Transmission can be person to person via respiratory droplets or direct contact. respiratory Fomites are also a mode of transmission “An An inanimate object or substance, such as clothing, furniture, or soap, that is capable of transmitting infectious organisms from one individual to another.” individual - Staphylococcus Treatments Staphylococcus How is staph normally treated? page 46 in text. percent of hospital isolates of S. aureus are resistant to most of the beta-lactam class of antibiotics” –Anderson text. text. See “Ninety Ninety CNN Report on MRSA UF News report on MRSA Novel Public RBC binding monoclonal antibody drug Policy response to MRSA Influenza Influenza What is the causative agent of Flu? A, B, and C viruses Influenza Where does influenza live? Influenza Influenza A lives in birds and a variety of mammals, including humans and swine. mammals, Influenza B virus li...
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