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Thora Alcendor 11/03/2009 On the TV show Dexter. Dexter and a retired FBI agent Frank Lundy have been trying to figure out a profile for a serial killer who kills in threes, the killer is coined with the “Trinity Killer”. Dexter and Agent Lundy decide that the killer is a lone man, who has no family, keeps to himself, and moves around a lot. In the episode before this one Agent Lundy unknowingly bumps into the Trinity killer, and gets a strange hunch and describes him into a voice recorder later on in the episode agent Lundy gets shot along with Dexter’s sister, Debra. Agent Lundy dies and Dexter thinks the Trinity killer has something to do with it, so he goes through Agent Lundy’s things finds the tape of the description of where he was and what he looked like, and Dexter goes to kill the man who he thinks almost killed his sister, (Dexter is a serial killer thought he only kills criminals), though during the episode it is discovered it wasn’t Trinity it
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Unformatted text preview: was someone else. Dexter sees the man and goes after him but he gets away and Dexter follows him and discovers that he and Agent Lundy were wrong; the Trinity killer has a family. This would go under the stereotyping aspect of social psychology, because both Agent Lundy and Dexter categorized the Trinity killer into the known stereotype of serial killer, even though Dexter himself doesnt fit the normal stereotype of a serial killer himself. Neither of them thinks outside of the stereotype and they use implicit associations to try to figure out who the killer might be, though some of their thoughts were correct about the Trinity killer. The show also showed hypocrisy because Dexter goes along with Agent Lundy theory when he himself knows that there are different types of serial killers but does not offer that information and this is all before he goes to kill his next victim....
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