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Thora Alcendor On the TV show, Desperate Housewives, Angie, her husband Nick and their son Danny are on the run from the FBI. In the previous episode, Danny is found in his bed unresponsive, Angie noticed an empty bottle of sleeping pills, and Danny is taken to the hospital. While at the hospital, Angie’s neighbor, Mona says she will take care of Danny, because he will be on suicide watch for 72 hours. When Danny becomes conscious Mona talks to him and calls him Danny, and he says that his name is not Danny its Tyler, and that she should call him Tyler. In the current episode, Mona tells Angie and Nick, she has figured them out, and thinks the family is in the witness protection because they are Italian and pay cash for everything, and because Danny cannot remember which name to use. Angie goes along with Mona’s theory and tells her not to say anything or she will have Mona whacked, but she was joking. The next day Mona tells Danny that she is taking home, on the car home Mona tells Danny that his mom told her
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Unformatted text preview: everything and that he does not have to worry. Danny thinking that his mom told Mona the truth he tells Mona the real story, then realizes that she did not really know what was going on and rats his mom out. When Danny gets home he tells his mom what happened, and she goes out to the car and tries to reason with Mona, Mona tells Angie that she wants $67,000 dollars to keep quiet and she wants it the next day. Angie only comes up with $10,000 dollars and offers it Mona along with her grandmothers engagement ring, Mona says it is not enough and she wants all of the money she asked for or she is going to the cops. This episode showed examples of bullying, because Mona uses manipulation on Angie to get money in order for her to keep quiet about her secret, and threatens to tell the police Angie is secret if she does not get all the money she wants. Angie also is a bully in the case when she says she will have Mona whacked, though it was a joke, it was still a threat....
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