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Thora Alcendor Attribution #1 10/06/2009 On the TV show Glee there is a scene where there are a few football players are picking on another student who seems to be a geek, a teacher walks by and ask one the of the students if he is making new friends and the student says yes as the teacher walks away the football player get ready to throw the geek into a trash can, the student says he has a new Marc Jacobs jacket on as the football players get ready to throw him into a trash can; the main jock lets him take it off and holds the jacket for him. The other jocks then throw him in a trash, the main jock smiles then soon after have a look of regret. This is related to social psychology because it shows how person acts when lying, social groups that is most common in high schools, stereotypes, and the use of nonverbal communication. Examples of how Glee relates to social psychology of the social group is the football players, most of the time in schools team members hang out with other team members and socialize with
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Unformatted text preview: the people on their team or other athletes (i.e. the football players harassing the other student), an example of stereotypes is the jocks picking on the geek, which follow the stereotype of jocks picking on people not as athletic as themselves or someone in a lower social standing. Another example that glee is related to social psychology is when the main football player shows regret in his facial expression after having his friends throw the geek into the trash can and his body slumps over like he knows he shouldn’t be doing that to the kid and when his friends are getting ready to throw the geek into the trash can he hesitates before he says throw him in. Also when the student is lying to the teacher you can tell he is lying when his voice goes up and he puts on a fake smile as he is answering the teachers question. Web url:
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