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Take-home Question, PSYC 317 Fall, 2009 Directions: Please answer the following question and submit your answer in hard copy by the time of the scheduled final exam, at the latest. The question is designed to see how well you can apply concepts covered in PSYC 317 to an activity you do regularly in everyday life. You should be able to answer the question by consulting only your textbook and notes, but you may use other printed and on-line sources if you wish. However, you may not consult with anyone else; your answer must be prepared solely on your own. Your answer must be typed; handwritten answers will not be accepted. On a separate sheet of paper, please write/type, “I declare that I abided by George Mason University’s honor code when preparing this answer,” and sign that statement. In order to help ensure anonymity when grading, only your G-number, not your name, must be included on each sheet of paper containing the answer itself. Question:
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psyc_317_take_home_final_exam_question_fall_09 - Take-home...

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