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Course Schedule Faculty of Mathematics MATH 138 Instructor: Laura Mart´ ı P´ erez Course Schedule Spring 2009 Dates Lecture Topics References 1 Events to Note May 4-6-8 Integration by parts; trigonometric substitu- tions; area between curves (revisited). T: 414-419, 452-457, 467-472 CN: 5-9, 14-17 Welcome back! Assignment 0 (not for submission) May 11-13-15 Average value; partial fractions decomposition and integration of rational functions. T: 473-481, 483-488, 443-444 Assignment 1 Due: May 15 May 20-22 Volumes of solids of revolution; improper inte- grals (jump discontinuities and infinite limits). T: 422-430, 508-515 CN: 9-14, 17-20 Assignment 2 Due: May 22 May 25-27-29 Introduction to differential equations (slope fields, equilibrium solutions, and qualitative sketches); solving separable and linear DEs. T: 566-575, 580-585 602-606 CN: 21-29 Assignment 3 Due: May 29 June 1-3-5 Applications of first order DEs; Sequences, limit of sequences. T: 591-597, 6-9,
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