Unit 11 Quiz - UNIT 11 1. True or False: religion and...

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UNIT 11 1. True or False: religion and science always disagree. A. False. B. True. Pope John Paul II said that the Catholic Church has no problem with evolution, and Baptist Jimmy Carter also supported evolution, so it is clear that religion and science can agree. Points Earned: 0/1 Correct Answer: A Your Response: B 2. In childhood stories (such as Little Red Riding Hood), we humans worry about predatory mammals such as wolves or tigers rather than worrying about predatory dinosaurs such as allosaurs or tyrannosaurs. This is because: A. The meteorite that killed the dinosaurs made predatory mammals by mutating the genetic makeup of the dinosaurs. B. Most modern predators are actually dinosaurs, so we tell stories about wolves and tigers so as not to really scare children. C. Small mammals coexisted with dinosaurs, and after the dinosaurs were killed by the meteorite, the small animals wanted to become bigger and so made themselves bigger. D. Predatory mammals ate all the predatory dinosaurs after the meteorite killed the usual food eaten by the predatory mammals. E. Small mammals coexisting with the dinosaurs were not able to outcompete the dinosaurs for big-animal jobs, but after the dinosaurs were killed, some large mammals evolved from small mammals to fill the large-animal jobs, including the big-predator job. Points Earned: 1/1 Correct Answer: E Your Response: E 3. Statistically, and based on how many people are likely to die if they engage in or are exposed to the following problems, which is most dangerous to residents of the United States: A. Tornadoes. B. Commercial airline crashes. C. Meteorite impacts. D. The various diseases that come from smoking, overeating and under-exercising for a long time. E. Earthquakes.
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There are still meteorites in the solar system that can hit and kill, and a reputable study found that a meteorite impact might not occur for millions of years (or might occur next year…) but then might kill billions. Add up the deaths over a sufficiently long time, and plane crashes (which kill a few to a few hundred people per year) and meteorite impacts likely would be similarly dangerous. Earthquakes and tornadoes, as devastating as they can be, don’t kill as many people in this country as do airline crashes. Smoking, overeating and underexercising are way more dangerous to us. Points Earned: 1/1 Correct Answer: D Your Response: D 4. Considering long-term averages, and assuming that we don’t deploy space-based defenses against incoming meteorites, a reasonable estimate of the chance of an average U.S. citizen being killed by the effects of a meteorite or comet impact is that this risk is about the same as the chance of being killed by: A. Choking on a Diet Pepsi can. B.
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Unit 11 Quiz - UNIT 11 1. True or False: religion and...

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