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SUPPLEMENTAL STUDY GUIDE ARH 301 Maya art Be sure you look at the one-page text on Pakal's sarcophagus lid posted on Blackboard under Maya Art readings. Note while at that time some years ago, Pakal's motion was read as going down into the underworld, the more recent interpretation Caitlin Earley shared in her lecture was that he was rising, like the sun, from the underworld. Terms to be aware of: Skyband Axis mundi (world tree) Jaws of the underworld Sarcophagus— stone coffin; carved lid depicts Pakal's rising up after his death Glyph African art ase life force oba tribal king or ruler
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Unformatted text preview: In African culture the spiritual world is understood as interpenetrating nature, imbuing it with ase or life force . Ritual ceremonies are believed to have a direct effect on the welfare of the community. APPROXIMATE TEST COMPONENTS: I. Slide Discussion/Comparisonsee the example on Blackboard (ca. 18 pts.) II. Slide Identification5 slides (ca. 12 pts.) III. Unknown (5 pts.) IV. Question on Maya art (5 pts.) V. Architectural terms (ca. 12 pts.) VI. Short Answersee examples on Blackboard (ca. 18 pts.) VII. Essay (30 pts.)...
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