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ARH301_PRACTICE TEST01 - a a IV UNKNOWN(5 points 5 minutes...

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SAMPLE PAGE FIRST TEST ARH 301 I. COMPARISON/SLIDE DISCUSSION (20 points total; 10 minutes). Identify each work and then answer the following questions about them. LEFT RIGHT Artist (if known):________________________ Artist: _______________________ Title: _________________________________ Title: ________________________ Civilization/Stylistic Period: _______________ Stylistic Period: ________________ 1. What is the sculptural technique used in each work? (1 point each) Left: _____________________ Right: ________________________ 2. How does the sculptor treat the human body and what message is expressed by that treatment? (worth 4 points each for left and right = 8 points total; you should be able to make two statements (@ 2 pts.) about each. LEFT RIGHT a. a. b. b. 3. How does the sculpture reflect the culture in which it was made? (worth 4 pts. total)
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Unformatted text preview: a. a. *********************************************************************** * IV. UNKNOWN (5 points; 5 minutes). Name the civilization (Egyptian, Greek) or the stylistic period (Gothic, Renaissance, or Baroque) from which you believe the work comes. Point out at least two characteristics of the work that support your assertion. *********************************************************************** * VI. SHORT ANSWER (2 points each—24 points total). Choose the best answer and indicate it in the blank, using either L(eft) or R(ight) or BOTH; a, b, or c; or Fill in the blank. 1. _______________ Which slide is an example of relief carving? 2. _______________ Which slide demonstrates the use of hierarchical scale? 3. _______________ Which slide exhibits drapery that could be termed “stylized”?...
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  • Wood carving, Stylistic Period, I. COMPARISON/SLIDE DISCUSSION, ________________________ Stylistic Period, _________________________________ Civilization/Stylistic Period

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ARH301_PRACTICE TEST01 - a a IV UNKNOWN(5 points 5 minutes...

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