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Optional Study Sheet for Organizing Art History 301 Content Henderson Organizing Questions and Concepts → Period, Dates, Artists, Works ↓ HOW? (style/form) SCULPTURE— How is the human body treated (what is the style )? HOW? (style/form) ARCHITECTURE— How was the building built (what are its stylistic characteristics)? WHAT? (subject) In sculpture, who is represented? What was the function of the sculpture or architecture? Who was worshipped in the building? WHY? (expressive content or meaning) Why did artists/builders sculpt or build this way? What cultural attitudes are reflected
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Unformatted text preview: (e.g., views of the place of humans in the world and in relation to gods/God; attitudes toward the classical past)? Are there specific historical factors behind these attitudes? In later works, what was an individual artist seeking to express? In architecture, what religious beliefs are expressed in the sacred space? Egypt Not studied in enough detail to be a specific concern here. Ancient Greece Gothic Period Early Renaissance High Renaissance Baroque Make notes on the back of this sheet for relevant aspects of Maya art and for African sculpture/ritual....
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