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ARH301_Note01 - The Maya World Preclassic 1500 BCE-250 CE...

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The Maya World Preclassic: 1500 BCE-250 CE Tikal, Guatemala Corbel vault G , G q Very ritual, related to King alot. Front depicted 1 . G q portray Maya_Palaenque (1 ) Red: ceremonial center. Maya liked red. Temple of the Inscriptions: S D temple. Corbal vault e secret stairs, found vaulted chamber and also found 5 indivuduals. ( jewel ( /h How do we know it’s Pakal? G q character . Pakal was 81 when he died For Maya, king was sacred, divine. : G jade represent that he is sacred. Jaws of Underworld : Looked like 1 Sacrificial Bowl : implements of sacrifice, 1 bowl with the k’in sign, skull : A lot of symbols Pakal bursting out of the underworld like the sun from the east S G . D (resurrection) Axis Mundi (World Tree: center of universe) : Heavens/upper world Middle world/our world Under world : Pakal’s reverse was sanctified by god. Skyband, precious jewels, and worldly helpers : All made of jades. : B ( t artists h . San Bartolo : discovered in 2001 : Preclassic site (c.40BCE – 200 CE) :Mural 2009.09.15 Chartres Cathedral, Ext. Façade Portal Figures (Ancestors of Christ) Frapery is styilized attached to column does not resposd to gravity, no space just extension of columns. Architecture that does not celebrate the flesh, but authority above. Pantheon, Rome, ext. and int. c117-25 Roman architecture enclosing space (dome) Invents concrete instead of using stones.
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Made for roman gods. Roman aqueduct, Nimes, late first century BCE (exp. Of Roman arch) Each arch is holding the pressure Roman engineering enclosing space (arch and vault) and basilica form . Vault: Serios of arches next to each other to enclose space. Dark Ages Romanesque style of architecture and sculpture - Ste. Foy, Conques, c. 1080-1120 - Last Judgement, West Portal Tympanum, Ste.-Foy, Conques, c. 1120 : ( 0 & I : Didactic sculpture, relief carving - S. Marie de la Mer, Provence, 11-12c
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