Lake of Fire Study Questions Pt I

Lake of Fire Study Questions Pt I - Study Questions Lake of...

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Lake of Fire Part I 1. The first portions of the tape set the stage for the various positions. 2. What is the major point made by Alan Dershowitz about the rightness of various positions taken? Everybody is right when it comes to the issue of abortion 3. What is the major point made by the atheist philosopher who speaks after Dershowitz? He doesn’t support a women’s right to choose abortion because if you kill it at any stage, you’re killing a developing human being. o Very hypocritical on his other ideas because he does support the rights of women – their right to choose – but he doesn’t believe in God or a soul or the fetus and yet he doesn’t support abortion 4. What is the major point made by Noam Chomsky? How is this related to the discussion of dilemmas thus far in class? There are conflicting values and each of the values are quite legitimate. The value of preserving life is a value we should accept. We shouldn’t arbitrary kill an animal b/c it’s fun to kill it – that’s a reasonable value – but then people still swat a mosquito. The idea that life should be valued has come into conflict with another value. The values we hold are not absolute. They are always continuum. They conflict. Life is made up of decisions and complicated situations in cases of conflicting values. If you listen to one in isolation yeah it may sound legitimate and maybe is but you have to ask what it means under particular conditions, so choice is legitimate. Preserving life is legitimate and sometimes they run into conflict. 5. What is the major emphasis of Bonnie Steinbock? What’s really going on when ppl argue about abortion are very different world views, very different conceptions of the role of women, of how important motherhood is, of whether women should be out in the world of world, the importance of sexuality, the separation between sexual behaviors and procreation, and this is what really divides both women and men on the issue of abortion and that’s not something that can be resolved by any philosophical argument. 6. In what sense is it argued that abortion is first-degree murder? When you have life formed inside a human being and you take that life and you had pre-mediated the taking of that life, it is kinda like first-degree murder. 1
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Lake of Fire Study Questions Pt I - Study Questions Lake of...

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