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STUDY QUESTIONS FOR GHOSTS OF RWANDA 1. WHAT WAS THE INITIAL REACTION TO THE RWANDAN TRAGEDY BY MOST OF THE WORLD? Nothing was done while the genocide was happening. Everyone was just watching. People were haunted by the ghosts of Rwanda. People did nothing to stop the genocide. The entire world turned away. They did not know what was happening in Rwanda. The situation was unclear. 2. WHAT WAS ROMÉO DALLAIRE’S ROLE? He was the commander of United Nation assistance mission for Rwanda. It was his first trip to Africa. Canadian general who never seen action. This was a command of a lifetime for him. His job was simple. He was supposed to enforce a peace agreement with the rebel army in Rwanda. A U.N. peace keeping mission in the heart of Africa. His job was simple. He would enforce a peace agreement between the Rwanda government and the rebel army behind the fire line. The rebels were mostly Tutsis. 3. WHAT WERE THE HISTORICAL RELATIONS BETWEEN HUTUS AND TUTSIS. Tutsis - The rebels were mostly Tutsis. A ethnic minority that has been persecuted for decades. Some of them have been refugees since 1969. There has been killing of Tutsis in the different parts of Rwanda. Hutus – Hutus has ruled independence since Belgium. Hutus were force to share power with the Tutsis rebels. The peace process was already faltering. 4. HOW MUCH INFORMATION DID DELLAIRE AND HIS TROOPS HAVE WHEN THEY ARRIVED IN RWANDA? 2500 lightly formed armed troops. Did not have much information regarding Rwanda’s background. They went in quite blind. 5. WHAT WAS DALLAIRE’S INITIAL ATTITUDE WHEN IT CAME REGARDING THE PROBABILITY OF SUCCESS? He felt that they could do it, but that was a “bilateral”. Nothing was going to stop him for the innocence of many. From the moment Dallaires arrived someone was testing Dallaire’s ability to keep peace. There were mysterious riots and assassinations.
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Dallaire’s were getting stories of a 3 rd force, and he couldn’t make sure if they were true because he was not allowed to have a intelligence capability. This was a dark cloud for him. Ultimately he felt that he could do it. It is a “verbato” on his part. Nothing was going to stop him. He was determined to save the innocent people. 6. WHY WAS THERE AN INITIAL PLAN TO KILL BELGIAN PEACE KEEPERS? They felt that they would pack up and leave if the peace keepers would be killed. Thought the Belgium and U.N. would leave if the peace keepers were killed. The informant of Dallaire’s said that they will kill someone of the Belgian peace keepers because it might persuade the Belgian and the U.N. to leave. They were being targeted to encourage them to leave Rwanda. 7.
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Qs for Ghosts of Rwanda - STUDY QUESTIONS FOR GHOSTS OF...

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