CH310-Final-XM - CH 310 N Topic 12 Infrared Spectroscopy...

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CH 310 N Exam Review Topics Topic Comments 12 Infrared Spectroscopy 12.1 Electromagnetic Radiation Definitions; wavelength; frequency; Hz 12.2 Molecular Spectroscopy Definitions; absorption, ground state; excited state; relaxation 12.3 Infrared Spectroscopy region of IR spectrum (4000 to 400 cm-1); requirements for IR activity; Hookes law 12.4 Interpreting Infrared Spectra Correlation tables and their use; absorption intensities (i.e. m, s, w) 12.5 Solving Infrared Spectral Problems functional group diagnostic peaks; effect of H-bonding in the IR spectrum 13 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy 13.1 Nuclear Spin States Energy states and their orientation; spin #'s; units for magnetic field; 13.2 Orientation of Nuclear Spins in an Applied Magnetic Field effect of nuclear spins in magnetic fields 13.3 Nuclear Magnetic Resonance 13.4 An NMR Spectrometer basic parts 13.5 Equivalent Hydrogens 13.6 Signal Areas integration and its use 13.7 Chemical Shift electronegativity effects; hybridization and diamagnetic effects; ring current 13.8 Signal Splitting and the (n + 1) Rule application and use 13.9 The Origins of Signal Splitting theory of splitting and recognition of patterns (s, d, t, etc); multiple splittings 13.10 Stereochemistry and Topicity definitions only 13.13 Interpretation of NMR Spectra Major functional groups and first order splitting patterns 15 Organometallic Compounds 15.1 Organomagnesium and Organolithium Compounds 15.2 Lithium Diorganocopper (Gilman) Reagents Coupling with halides 16 Aldehydes and Ketones 16.1 Structure and Bonding Polarity properties; bond characteristics 16.2 Nomenclature trivial names of compounds on slides; basic nomenclature, otherwise 16.3 Physical Properties solubility trends; BP & or MP trends; spectral properties 16.4 Reactions Reaction theme: addition to give tetrahedral intermediate 16.5 Addition of Carbon Nucleophiles Grignards to give ROH; organolithiums; acetylide; cyanide-use of cyanohydrins 16.6 The Wittig Reaction Prep of reagents; use with carbonyls-mechanism; Horner-Emmons-Wadsworth
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CH310-Final-XM - CH 310 N Topic 12 Infrared Spectroscopy...

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