326 Lectures 3 and 4 - Lectures 3 and 4 Cell Structure The...

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Lectures 3 and 4 Cell Structure The cell is made up of a plasma membrane and many intracellular (inside the cell) organelles. The plasma membrane and organelles (intracellular compartments) are composed in a lipid bilayer. A lipid bilayer consists of two layers of lipids (primarily phospholipids) organized in such a way that they have a hydrophobic core. This hydrophobic (water fearing) core prevents hydrophilic (water loving) molecules from going from one side of the bilayer to the other. Lipid bilayers serve as a fence. Functions of the Major Cell Structures Plasma Membrane regulates what enters/leaves the cell [stone wall with gates] Nucleus DNA, where genes are expressed for cell responses [mayor’s house] Mitochondria – major source of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) production, Kreb’s cylce, and electron transport [powerhouse] Endoplasmic Reticulum – phospholipid and protein synthesis, export route for proteins and lipids out of the cell [industrial district – major building blocks] Golgi apparatus protein/lipid export, adds sugar residues to proteins/lipids (ex. Insulin) Cytoskeleton – scaffolding of the cell, cell shape, holds organelles and proteins in place [frame of building] Peroxisome oxidation (breakdown) of plant branch chain fatty acids, eicosanoids, long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids
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Plasma Membrane The plasma membrane is composed of a lipid bilayer with: 1. the inner part of the bilayer being hydrophobic (water fearing) 2. the outside being hydrophilic (water loving). Proteins are also associated with the plasma membrane which function to:
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326 Lectures 3 and 4 - Lectures 3 and 4 Cell Structure The...

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