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Dear Students, Below, you will find page citations for the passages from Toni Morrison’s A Mercy that we discussed in class. Because some of you were using paperback versions of the novel while others were using the hard cover edition, I realize that it might have been difficult to locate the page numbers I cited in lecture. I hope this helps you prepare for the midterm. Sincerely, Professor Donegan Passages of Particular Interest from A Mercy Passage begins … Passage ends … Hardcover edition Paperback edition Don’t be afraid. Another is can you read? p. 3 p. 3 Mounted, he felt better…
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Unformatted text preview: Virginia was still a mess p. 10 11 p. 11 12 Why would it dwindle? For certain. p. 30 31 p. 35 36 It was an unrewarding life. Soon it was irresistible. p. 50 p. 58 59 One day, ran the story We have, says Lina. p. 62 63 p. 72 73 I walk alone the only life inside me? p. 114 115 p. 135 136 I worry as the boy steps closer to you. I can never not have you have me. p. 136 137 p. 160 161 There is no more room I last. p. 160 161 p. 188 189 One chance, I thought. Hear a tua mae. p. 167 167 p. 195 196...
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